International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA)

The 15th Conference of International Federation of East Asian Management Associations

in Kyoto (IFEAMA - 2019)

18-19 June, 2019


Hotels Information    

                                                   (October 28, 2018 updated)

As for the reservation of the hotel in Kyoto, the executive committee strongly recommend for the participants to make a reservation of a hotel room as soon as you decided to join the 15th International Conference of IFEAMA. Since Kyoto's hotel room stock is extremely low as the number of inbound tourists has growing in addition to the regular domestic tourists, you need to make a room reservation well in advance.

Therefore, it is crucially important to reserve a hotel room, as soon as possible, especially if you want to stay at a reasonable one, for example less than100.


The following is one of the hotel reserving websites written in many languages.

The link below provides the access information to Kyoto University in several languages.


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