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Publication for Selected Papers of the 15th IFEAMA Conference at Kyoto
Management for Sustainable and Inclusive Development in a Transforming Asia published by Springe
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This book identifies the ongoing management issues and compatible management systems for sustainable and inclusive development in a transforming Asia. In the dynamic process of economic development in Asia, many positive and also negative issues have arisen. Since the latter half of the 1990s, the network economy based on digital technologies began to be established and technological and cross-border transfer of managerial knowledge became easier. This change in technological and market structure now requires companies to meet another dimension of competition.

In this new paradigm, many Asian companies are struggling with turbulent new managerial and organizational issues together with economic and social problems that concentrate at the bottom of the pyramid.

This book elucidates these issues, keeping sustainability and inclusiveness in mind.  

 The book is highly recommended not only for academicians but also business people who seek an in-depth and up-to-date overview of dynamically changing business and industrial structures in Asia focusing on sustainability and inclusion issues.


Sustainable Strategic Management Inclusive Strategic Management Strategic Management in the Age of IoT Corporate Governances of Asian Companies Family Business in Asia SDGs in Asia Base of the Pyramid

Editors and affiliations

  • Hiromi Shioji: Kyoto UniversityKyotoJapan
  • Dev Raj Adhikari: School of ManagementTribhuvan UniversityKathmanduNepal
  • Fumio Yoshino: Faculty of International StudiesTakushoku UniversityHachioujishiJapan
  • Takabumi Hayashi:Rikkyo UniversityTokyoJapan

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@@@@@published by Internationla Federation East Asian Management Association

Vol. 05 (The 13th Conference of IFEAMA at Ulaanbaatar

Vol. 04 (The 12th Conference of IFEAMA at Hanoi

Vol. 03 (The 11th Conference of IFEAMA at Nanjing

Vol. 02 (The 10th Conference of IFEAMA at Seoul

Vol. 01 (The 09th Conference of IFEAMA at Moscow)

@@@published by Springer

International Journal of Asian Management @@@

@Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2001, published by Springer (Linked to Springer)

Tasuku Noguchi
Essence of the e-business model and its Asian perspective

Dongshui Su and Zhiyi He
Management revolution in the age of the new economy

C. Christopher Baughn, Johannes G. Denekamp and Richard N. Osborn
Prevalence of technology-intensive international alliances

Alain Burlaud
International accounting: a French perspective


A. G. Porshnev
Information technologies and the manager's profile in the twenty-first century

Ku-Hyun Jung
Ownership and governance structure of Korean business groups

Ku-Hyun Jung
Issues of enterprise culture transformation in China under the new world situation

International Journal of Asian Management @@@

@Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2003, published by Springer (Linked to Springer)

Qianzhang Sun
Economic globalization affecting economic development of East Asian countries

Sten Jonsson and Anders Edstrom
Stiff surprise on stiffness: an incident in product development in an alliance setting

Tae-Soo Ryu
Human resource development in technology-driven small and medium size firms: case study of a small Korean firm

Masaki Nakata
Perspective on comparative corporate governance: understanding corporate governance patterns

Hideo Hasegawa
Survival and strategy of small/micro firms

Yozi Ichida
Development of B2B digital infrastructure


Tuvd Dorj and D. Yavuuhulan
Mongolian economic development strategy

International Journal of Asian Management @@@

@Volume 3, Issue 1, December 2004, published by Springer (Linked to Springer)

Manfred Perlitz and Frank Seger
European cultures and management styles

Kiichi Kageyama
Toyota in the 21st century in Asian countries: Information exchange system and best mix

Yonggyu Kim
Relation between market orientation and market environment et al., in Korean firms entering to North American markets

Sajid Anwar and Mingli Zhen
Government spending on research and development and industrial production in Singapore

Dao Trong Thi and Le Danh Ton
Vietnamfs economy: Achievements and perspective

Can Wang, Leonardo Barreto and Ji Zou
Chinafs GDP: Examining provincial disparities (1952?1998)

Juliana Yim and Heather Mitchell
A comparison of Japanese failure models: Hybrid neural networks, logit models, and discriminant analysis

S.F. Luk, H. Noori and T.P. Leung
Challenges of Hong Kong toy manufacturers operating plants in the Pearl River Delta

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