This Federation is called International Federation of East Asian Management Associations, and IFEAMA is the abbreviation of this Federation.

This Federation aims to promote the research and the application of business administration in East Asia, and to contribute to industrial development in East Asia and the advancement of the management practice.


30/03/2024  Publication for Selected Papers of the 17th IFEAMA Conference at Hanoi

      Knowledge Transformation and Innovation in Global Society: Perspective in a Changing Asia     (Springer)   (Amazon)

01/01/2024  We have changed a hosting server and installed SSL on our site.
       Top page with SSLis https://www.ifeama.org/index.html
01/04/2023  Statutes, organization have been updated at the 17th Conference of IFEAMA at Hanoi

29 /03/2023 The 18th conference will be held in China in 2025.
        The Business School of Hohai University (Nanjin) will host it.

16/03/2023 Tentative Agenda of the 17th Conferrence of IFEAMA at Hanoi

09/01/2023 Some dates are changed of the 17th Conferrence of IFEAMA at Hanoi

01/10/2022 Some dates are changed of the 17th Conferrence of IFEAMA at Hanoi

04/09/2022 Anoucement of the 17th Conferrence of IFEAMA at Hanoi

22/03/2022 Urgent notice:The 16th Conference in Russia has been postponed.

29/12/2021 Anoucement of the 16th Conferrence of IFEAMA at Moscow

        Call for Papers  Important dates and Deadline

01/10/2021 Theme, plenary discussion, sections of the 16th Conference of IFEAMA at Moscow have been published

31/05/2021 The page configuration has been updated and the Japanese version has been added.

03/02/2021  The 16th IFEAMA Conference at Moscow will be postponed in 19-20 May 2022

The 16th Conference of IFEAMA at Moscow
- Date: 19-20 May, 2022
- Place: State University of Manegement, Moscow
- Theme: To be announced

I would like to confirm that the Moscow Conference will be held in19-20 May 2022.
(Prof. Hiromi Shioji, President of IFEAMA)

After many discussions, we propose to postpone the 16th IFEAMA Conference to May 2022 (1-year postponement) due to the tense situation with COVID. We consider it advisable to keep the format of the offline event.
We would be grateful for your understanding of this decision, as in the current situation it is difficult to ensure the physical arrival of participants in Moscow and their epidemiological safety. Also, we would not like to break the tradition of the 15 previous IFEAMA Conferences, which were held offline with visits to the University, businesses and attractions.
We will definitely meet in Moscow in May 2022, even more bored by the communication on scientific topics. The announcement of the dates and Conference Papers will be presented in November 2021.
With best regards and hope for a meeting in Moscow,
(Prof. Gennady AZOEV, State University of Management, Moscow)