Statutes of International Federation of East Asian Management Associations

Article 1 (Name)
This Federation is called International Federation of East Asian Management Associations, and IFEAMA is the abbreviation of this Federation.

Article 2 (Purpose)
This Federation aims to promote the research and the application of business administration in East Asia, and to contribute to industrial development in East Asia and the advancement of the management practice.

Article 3 (Business)
To achieve the purpose of the former article, this Federation does the following business.
(a)Execution of research on management of East Asia and investigation and promotion
(b)Promotion of research and investigation project concerning management of East Asia
(c)Holding of regular conference, workshop, and lecture meeting and section meeting
(d)Offer and promotion of international medium to spread idea and knowledge of business administration with the issue of English journal, other publication and installation of website, etc.
(e)Unit of joining, friendship promotion of member, report with related scholarly associations , and cooperation.
(f)Additionally, execution of business necessary to achieve purpose.

Article 4 (Unit of joining)
The Federation has one scholarly association in each country and the region as a rule and this association is assumed to be a unit of the joining.
2. When two or more scholarly associations try to join this association from each country and the region, it has one scholarly association composed by these scholarly associations and it is assumed the unit of the joining.
3. As for countries and regions where scholarly association is not founded, they should be through consulting of the board of directors of this Federation. An individual or a group who becomes a mother's body of the foundation in a future can provisionally become the unit of joining.

Article 5 (Management)
This Federation is managed by the council committee and the board of directors.

Article 6 (Council member and council committee)
The council member is elected by the following two methods.
(a)Council member (1): The unit of the joining can make council member which is codified in another article (1) of the provided number of capacity attend the council committee. The method of electing council members (1) is entrusted to its own situation of the each unit of joining. The unit of the joining can put up the deputy of council member (1) in the council committee if necessary.
(b)Council member (2): The board of directors can recommend council member (2) for the next term from among the finance committee, the project committee and the English journal committee, etc. on this Federation.
The number of capacity of council member (2) is assumed to be 6 or less, or 1/3 or less of the total of the council committee.
2. Council committee is opened according to the period of the regular conference, and examines a general policy of this Federation.
3. Council member' terms of office are assumed the end of the next conference. However, the council member's reappointment does not disturb this.

Article 7 (Director, board of directors, and officer)
Board of directors is composed from 6 to 18 directors.
2. President, Vice-president, Past-president, Treasurer, President-Elect and Secretary-General are made a director among board of directors.
3. Directors are elected by the following three methods.
(a) The past- president becomes the director of this Federation.
(b) Treasurer and Secretary-General to whom the board of directors appoint become directors of this Federation.
(c) Three people or more than one person are elected to the director elected among council committee by the mutual council committee in each unit of joining (1). However, neither past- president, treasurer, nor Secretary-General are included in this number.
4. Director's term of office is assumed the end of the next conference. However, the director's reappointment does not disturb this.
5. As a rule, the director's reappointment by the same official position assumes to be a limit once.

Article 8 (President, Vice-president, President-Elect)
President, Vice-president, President-Elect provide by the director's electing the board of directors by mutual vote.
2. President is in charge of management of the activity of this Federation.
3. Vice-president assists in the obligation as the President.

Article 9 (Secretary-General, Secretariat, and Manager)
The board of directors appoint Secretary-General.
2. According to the President’s instruction, Secretary-generals execute the clerical work of this Federation in cooperation with the secretariat of this Federation.
3. The President can appoint the manager because he helps the obligation as Secretary-generals.
4. Managers help Secretary-General by the President’s instruction, and are engaged in the business according to the Secretary-General's instruction.

Article 10 (Treasurer, Finance committee, and Chairman of finance committee)
The board of directors appoint Treasurer.
2. This federation sets up the finance committee for the enhancement of the fiscal base, and the chairman of finance committee should be appointed as a responsible person.
3. Treasurer assumes the responsibility of the receipts and disbursements management of money on behalf of this Federation in cooperation with the finance committee on this Federation according to the president's instruction, and he(she) assumes the responsibility of receipts and disbursements of money and the budget estimation during year.
4. Treasurer submits the annual report concerning a general financial position of this federation with Auditor's report to the council committee.
5. The rule concerning the election of Chairman of finance committee and the method of managing the finance committee separately provides this.

Article 11 (Auditor)
The auditor is entrusted by the board of directors.
2. As for auditor, the director cannot hold this concurrently.
3. Auditors audit the accounting of this Federation.

Article 12 (Project committee)
This Federation opens the project committee in this Federation to do the business of Article (b) 3 smoothly, and can leave the project chairman as the length.
2. President appoints the project chairman consulting the board of directors.
3. The method of executing projects and the rule concerning the big project separately provide this.

Article 13 (Regular conference)
This Federation holds the regular conference to record by Article 3(c) at the cycle once every two years. As a rule, it is assumed the rotation of each country and the region, and the site of the regular conference is decided after consulting the board of directors.
2. The conference committee of the corresponding period is set up, and the board of directors appoints the chairman of the conference and the committee. The organization committee examines the theme and the directionality of the regular conference to correspond.
3. Boards of directors appoint the execution chairman of the corresponding period, and approve the rally execution committee. The rally execution committee does a concrete preparation and holding the regular conference through cooperation with the organization committee.
4. The registration fee for participants is determined by the organization committee. Participants in the following categories shall receive a discount from the regular fee. The discount rates are as follows. Students – 50%. Participants from Low-income countries – 50%. Students from Low-income countries – 75%. Here, "Low-income countries" are those included in the World Bank's definition of "Low or Lower-middle income Countries."

Article 14 (English journal committee)
This Federation opens the English journal committee in this Federation to advance the issue of the English journal recorded by Article 3(d) smoothly, and can leave the English journal chairman as the length.
2. President appoints the English journal chairman consulting the board of directors.
3. The rule concerning the method of managing English journal committee separately provides this.

Article 15 (Honorary president and honored director)
The board of directors can elect the honorary president the person who has remarkable distinguished services for establishment and the development, etc. of this Federation among president's experienced persons.
2. When the problem is caused by the management of this Federation, the honorary president can advise to this Federation according to the request of the board of directors.
3. As for boards of directors, a honored director can elect the person who has the big achievement for the business at which Federation aims among director or councilor's experienced persons.

Article 16 (Resolution)
The agreement of 2/3 or more of the total of the council member is needed for the revision of the statute.
2. The decisions other than a revision of the statute have the agreement of 1/2 or more of the committee who voted.
3. When conferences are not held, it consults and is decided by mailing the letter and the vote by the acceptance.

Article 17 (Contributions)
The unit of joining should donate Contributions which provides to this Federation as another article may codify.

Article 18 (Use language)
This Federation statute is recorded in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Mongolian and Vietnamese.

Additional clause (first special rule)

A first President can nominate the President for the next term.

Updated April 1, 2023

                         April 1, 2023, October 19, 2006, Revised edition
                         (First edition, October 1, 1993 )